Jeremy and AJ

In typical fashion I’m slow to get these edits done but I figured later was better than not at all considering this baby is now earth side. 

There’s a unique kind of joy that comes from watching someone you love embark on a new chapter in their life with something you know that they’re going to be great at. I have a ton of pride thinking about my little brother Jeremy, who just welcomed his first child into this insanely chaotic life with his hardworking and gorgeous on the inside-and-out wife, Alisa Jean. There’s a lot of qualities that make Jeremy wonderfully him, but his loyalty, trust, and intentionality in following through with what he says he will are right up there as reasons that give me complete confidence of the kind of father he already is and will become.

Jeremy, I’m so friggin’ proud and excited for you buster bud. I have no doubt that you will be an extraordinary father, just as you have been an extraordinary brother by showing up and being who you are. Your daughter is fortunate to have you and AJ as parents. 

To my niece, I can’t wait to snuggle you. We’re gonna have some good adventures together ❤️