Ricky and Olivia – Mt. Hood, Oregon Wedding


Like seeing Mr. Armstrong walk on the moon circa 1969, seeing Olivia Roberts walk into a room is enough to make you hold your breath. A truly radiant human, her kindness, confident humility, strength, and beauty is a hard combo to script. As a soon to be new dad of a little girl, having women like Olivia for her to look up to is cause for celebration and appreciation. Going down memory lane, the year was 2004 when I, a floppy haired awkward teenager was introduced to the indelibly lovable clan of Gregg, Gail, Landen, Olivia, and Cade Roberts. Fast forward through 100 years of experiences and memories jam packed into a 15 year stretch and I found myself smiling from gratitude looking at Olivia in her best white dress to date.


Like a cucumber, Ricky Garland is cool, calm, collected, and refreshing at all times. His ability to bring an overall aura of calmness and fun to a room is unmatched by most. While I have only had the pleasure of being graced by his presence for the past five years, I was sold early on. His intentional nature, introspective wisdom, and proclivity for demonstrating empathy and understanding to all around him are foundational tenets of how to be a good person. The way I’ve seen him treat people: women, children, and everyone in his sphere makes me love him in a way that I reserve for only a select group of people.

While we don’t shoot many weddings any more, we were honored and humbled to be able to hang out with you guys for the weekend and add more memories to the belt. Thanks for all you do to put positivity into the world, you are both terrific and loved. It will be a joy to watch you do life together.