Toronto Story

Fly View Productions is a small mom and pop owned company (literally speaking) with a long run in media production. After nine years working in the microstock industry my wife, Meilani, and I launched our very own new portfolio. Because I can, today I want to highlight on the blog a bit about ourselves, the mom and pop of this little endeavor.

In the Autumn of 2018 Meilani and I moved across the country and into the neighborhood of our international neighbor. This relocation was truly the beginning of many, many firsts. We went for work, but the changes that came impacted so much more than our professional lives. I have a lot in common with my buddy Kawhi (who I’ve personally spent a lot of time looking and talking at). Take a look at the almost identical timeline of events that unfolded in our lives over the past year and a half:

1. We both moved to The Great North to help bring a championship to Toronto, which we both equally contributed to ultimately accomplishing.

2. We both had a child while living in Canada. Our little ones are infused with Canadian blood and will thus forever call Toronto their hometown and be immune to the cold.

3. We both made the tough but right-for-us decision to take our talents back home to the West Coast.

All the cliche things, such as the concept that distance makes the heart grow fonder, come to mind and seem relevant while reminiscing on our time in Canada. Personal growth, friendship, love, loss, independence, etc. These are the things that help bring meaning to life and we experienced them deeply while living abroad. The city of Toronto and the country of Canada will truly forever hold a very special place in our hearts.

Meilani and I landed back in the PNW amidst a historically strange time. The world is collectively afraid of infection. It’s now normal for conversations to revolve around face masks, distance learning and toilet paper shortages. Our homecoming hasn’t been anything like we anticipated, with friends and family holed up at home in an effort to stay healthy and safe. In these uncertain times, I’d be remiss not acknowledging the most bad ass chick I know. She’s not perfect, which I try to remind her of frequently, but she’s perfect for me. It’s almost Mother’s Day #1 for you, Lady Love. At nearly 4 months of age, our daughter Xiomara is still relatively unimpressive in her physical feats and does a horrible job of verbally communicating, but I know that deep down she understands just how fortunate she is to have you. I can see it in her smile – she falls more in love with you every day. Thanks for being my friend for over 15 years and for making the family and life with me that you have. You are the GOAT.

Lastly, I could write a hell of a lot about our many adventures during our Toronto days, but I’ve instead unapologetically compiled a massive amount of pictures to visually tell that story. You are welcome to go and view said pictures by scrolling through the above slideshow. This collection predominantly features meaningful experiences with people we love. Fair warning though, looking through our pictures might feel equivalent of spending a couple hours viewing your Great Aunt Gertrude’s slideshow of iPhone photos from her most recent vacation to Europe.